muntanya data

We offer highly personalized solutions to problems in new technologies, data science, and statistics:

  • Do you need to extract useful information from large amounts of data?
  • Do you require tailored solutions to automate your work?
  • Are you wondering how to optimize your presence in the social media?
  • Do you need to adjust the price of your products in real-time?
We can help you in questions of such fundamental importance to your business, by developing products that are specific to your needs.

Typical problems that we deal with are:

  • Data-driven market studies
  • Forecasting (sales, trends, social networks, etc.)
  • Process automation, optimization and databases
  • Complex networks analysis



We have ample professional experience in different technical fields, ranging from information technologies, mathematics or data analytics, to photonics and bio sciences.
We have held diverse positions in state-of-the-art facilities and environments:

  • Software/Machine Learning engineering positions at MEETOPTICS.
  • Research experience in Academia at UPC and ICFO: signal processing, machine learning and photonics.
  • Data Analyst Engineer position at the European Space Agency.

About us


Gerard Planes Conangla, PhD

Lead Data Scientist: Holder of a MSc. in Mathematics, a MSc. in Telecommunications engineering and a PhD in Physics. Thanks to a very diverse background in research and industry, Gerard has a broad insight on technology and science.


    If you have any questions or would like to discuss your problem with us, you can reach us at:

    • contact [at]
    We mostly operate in the BARCELONA and MADRID area.
    Let's put your data to good use.

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